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Native of: Texas

Industry: Corporate Recruiting

Region: Dallas/Fort Worth

Company Profile

Tell us about your career at BG Staffing

Starting at InStaff in 1998 as Director of Human Resources, I was fortunate and quickly rose through the ranks — serving as director of operations, vice president of operations, senior vice president of operations, COO and ultimately CEO in 2009.  In 2013 BG Staffing acquired InStaff where I was named Division President of two BG Staffing divisions, InStaff and Donovan & Watkins, until being promoted to Chief Operating Officer of BG Staffing, Inc. in August 2016.

I currently oversee the operations of BG’s 64 branch locations across the U.S. for all of our staffing divisions including Commercial, IT, Finance/Accounting and Multifamily.

*Beth was promoted to CEO in October 2018.

What is your career background outside of BG Staffing?

Before my 20 plus years in the staffing industry I was the Benefits Administrator for the El Chico Corporation. I oversaw 100+ company and franchise owned restaurants overseeing all aspects for Employee Benefits.


What is your view of the business climate in Texas?

The business climate in Texas is thriving and people can’t seem to get here fast enough! As an income-tax-free state, a low-regulation environment and steady growth in several metropolitan areas, Texas has become a prime place to do business. Texas has become known for our welcoming environment thus becoming a magnet for companies and people seeking good jobs, good lives and prosperous futures.


Why did you decide to join YTEXAS?

As a member of the Leadership Council & Talent Attraction Council for the Dallas Regional Chamber, I am a strong supporter of the Say Yes to Dallas campaign. I joined YTEXAS because I believe in their mission and it is a fantastic opportunity to build Texas size connections. I am passionate about helping people become more connected in their new homes after relocating.


What makes BG Staffing different?

We are ranked as one of the largest public staffing companies in the US and we are dedicated to finding the right people, right now. We are a nationwide practice delivering local, customized solutions specific to your needs. Our family of professional staffing companies brings more than 100 years of experience to the table – much more than you’ll find in typical technology recruiting and accounting and finance recruiting firms. Our acquisition philosophy is one that not only brings financial growth, but retention of unique and dedicated talent within the companies. This has resulted in a strong management team, with tenure and a desire to offer exceptional service to candidates, customers and investors.


What issues are affecting your company that you are concerned about?

Companies need talented individuals to fill key roles, but this talent is hard to find. As the U.S. unemployment rate continues to fall and business continues to boom, one of our biggest challenges is finding that top talent.


Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I am a diehard TCU fan. Go Frogs!

I love music and believe there is a song for everything, it’s not unusual for me to break into a song anywhere anytime, much to the surprise of some folks.    I really should add that I can’t sing, which may be the real surprise.

I love great food, great wine, time with friends and I’m obsessed with my husband Nick and incredible daughter, Catherine who started her new adventure in life after graduating college from TCU and moving to DC where she works as the Director of Public Affairs for a consulting firm.