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Texas has over 140 state agencies and departments that serve Texans’ everyday needs, including business registrations, employment services, driver services, public health information, and more. The resources made available to businesses are plentiful. Please use the list below to sort through the agencies and their contact information.

To learn more about how YTexas can assist in contacting the right department for your needs, reach out to us today at concierge@ytexas for a consultation.


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Agency NameWebsitePhoneAddressCity
Workforce Commission E 15th StAustin
Windham School Districthttps://wsdtx.org936-291-5300804 Bldg B, FM 2821 WestOther
Wildlife Services, Texas (Formerly Wildlife Damage Management Service) N W Parkway, Suite 700San Antonio
Water Development Board N Congress AveAustin
Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board ofhttp://www.tbvme.state.tx.us512-305-7555333 Guadalupe St, Ste 3-810Austin
Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, Texas Sippel RdOther
Veterans Commission 463-65641700 N Congress Ave, Ste 800Austin
Upper Guadalupe River Authority Lehmann Dr, Ste 100Other
Upper Colorado River Authority OrientOther
Trinity River Authorityhttp://www.trinityra.org817-467-43435300 S Collins StDallas
Transportation, Dept. ofhttp://www.txdot.gov512-463-8588125 E 11th StAustin
Transportation Institute, Texashttp://tti.tamu.edu979-845-17133135 TAMUOther
Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee W 49th StreetAustin
Supreme Court W 14th St, Room 104Austin
Sunset Advisory Commission N Congress Ave, 6th Floor, Robert E. Johnson BldgAustin
Sulphur River Basin Authorityhttp://www.sulphurr.org903-223-7887911 N Bishop St, Ste C 104Other
State-Federal Relations, Office of San Jacinto St, Ste 4.216Austin
Soil and Water Conservation Board S 31st St, Ste 125Other
Skill Standards Board San Jacinto, Suite 100Austin
Senate Congress Ave, Capitol BldgAustin
Securities Board E 10th St, 5th FloorAustin
Secretary of State Congress Ave, Capitol Bldg, Room 1E.8Austin
Savings and Mortgage Lending, Dept. ofhttp://www.sml.texas.gov512-475-13502601 N Lamar Blvd, Ste 201Austin
San Jacinto River Authority Dam Site RdHouston
Sabine River Authority Highway 87 NOther
Risk Management, Office of W 15th St, 6th FloorAustin
Rio Grande Regional Water Authority W RailroadOther
Red River Authorityhttp://www.rra.texas.gov940-723-86973000 Hammon RdOther
Real Estate Commissionhttp://www.trec.texas.gov512-936-30001700 N Congress Ave, Suite 400Austin
Railroad Commission N CongressAustin
Racing Commission Cross Park Dr, Ste 110Austin
Public Utility Counsel, Office of N Congress Ave, Ste 9-180Austin
Public Utility Commissionhttp://www.puc.texas.gov512-936-70001701 N CongressAustin
Public Safety, Dept. of N LamarAustin
Psychologists, Board of Examiners of Guadalupe St, Ste 2-450Austin
Prosecuting Attorney, Office of State W 14th St, Ste 202Austin
Preservation Board E 14th St, Ste 950Austin
Plumbing Examiners, Board ofhttp://www.tsbpe.state.tx.us512-936-5200929 E 41st StAustin
Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners, Executive Council of Guadalupe St, Ste 2-510Austin
Pharmacy, Board of Guadalupe St, Ste 3-600Austin
Pension Review Board W 15th St, Room 406Austin
Parks and Wildlife Dept. Smith School RdAustin
Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District W 3rd StOther
Optometry Boardhttp://www.tob.texas.gov512-305-8500333 Guadalupe St, Ste 2-420Austin
Nursing, Board of Guadalupe St, Ste 3-460Austin
Nueces River Authority E. Nopal St, Ste 206Other
North Texas Tollway Authority W Plano Pkwy, Ste 100Dallas
North Plains Ground Water Conservation Districthttp://www.northplainsgcd.org806-935-6401603 E 1st StOther
Municipal Retirement System N Interstate 35Austin
Motor Vehicles, Dept. ofhttp://www.txdmv.gov512-465-30004000 Jackson Ave., Bldg. 1Austin
Military Dept. (Formerly Adjutant General's Dept.) W 35th St, Camp Mabry, Bldg 8Austin
Medical Boardhttp://www.tmb.state.tx.us512-305-7010333 Guadalupe St, Tower 3, Ste 610Austin
Lower Colorado River Authority Lake Austin BlvdAustin
Lottery Commissionhttp://www.txlottery.org512-344-5000611 E 6th StAustin
Lieutenant Governor, Office of
Licensing and Regulation, Dept. of Colorado StAustin
Library and Archives Commission Brazos StAustin
Legislative Reference Library Bldg, 1100 Congress Ave, Room 2N.3Austin
Legislative Council N CongressAustin
Legislative Budget Board E Johnson Bldg, 1501 N Congress AveAustin
Law Libraryhttp://www.sll.texas.gov512-463-1722205 W 14th St, Ste G01Austin
Law Examiners, Board ofhttps://ble.texas.gov512-463-1621205 W 14th St, Ste 500Austin
Law Enforcement, Commission onhttp://www.tcole.texas.gov512-936-77006330 Hwy 290 E, Ste 200Austin
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority FM 3131Other
Land Office, Generalhttp://www.glo.texas.gov512-463-50011700 N Congress Ave, Ste 835Austin
Land Board, Veterans N Congress Ave, Room 700Austin
Juvenile Justice Dept.http://www.tjjd.texas.gov512-490-713011209 Metric Blvd, Bldg HAustin
Judicial Council W 14th St, Ste 600Austin
Judicial Conduct, Commission on W 15th St, Ste 415Austin
Judicial Branch Certification Commission W. 14th, Suite 600Austin
Jail Standards, Commission on W 15th St, Ste 503Austin
Insurance, Dept. of Guadalupe StAustin
Insurance Counsel, Office of Public Guadalupe St, Ste 3-120Austin
Injured Employee Counsel, Office of Metro Center Dr, Ste 100, MS-50Austin
Information Resources, Dept. of P Clements Bldg, 300 W 15th St, Ste 1300Austin
Housing and Community Affairs, Dept. of E 11th StAustin
House of Representatives Bldg, 1100 N Congress AveAustin
Historical Commission Colorado StAustin
Higher Education Coordinating Board E Anderson LnAustin
High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Ave QOther
Health Services, Dept. of State W 49th StAustin
Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District Lehmann Drive, Ste 102Other
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority Bay Area BlvdHouston
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority E Court StOther
Groundwater Protection Committee Park 35 CircleAustin
Governor, Office of the San Jacinto Blvd, Suite 151BAustin
Geoscientists, Board of Professionalhttp://www.tbpg.state.tx.us512-936-4400333 Guadalupe St, Ste 1-530Austin
Funeral Service Commissionhttp://www.tfsc.state.tx.us512-936-2474333 Guadalupe Suite 2-110Austin
Forest Service, Texas
Fire Protection, Commission onhttp://www.tcfp.texas.gov512-936-38381701 N Congress Ave, Ste 1-105Austin
Finance Commissionhttp://www.fc.texas.gov512-936-62222601 North LamarAustin
Finance Authority, Public W 15th St, Ste 411Austin
Feed and Fertilizer Control Service (Chemist, Office of the State) Agronomy RdOther
Family and Protective Services, Dept. ofhttp://www.dfps.state.tx.us512-438-4800701 W 51st StAustin
Facilities Commissionhttp://www.tfc.state.tx.us512-463-34461711 San Jacinto BlvdAustin
Ethics Commission E 14th St, 10th FloorAustin
Environmental Quality, Commission on Park 35 CircleAustin
Engineers, Board of Professional S IH-35Austin
Employees Retirement System E 18 StAustin
Emergency Services Retirement Systemhttp://www.tesrs.org512-936-3372208 East 10th Street, Suite 309Austin
Emergency Communications, Commission on State (911) Guadalupe, Ste 2-212Austin
Edwards Aquifer Authorityhttp://edwardsaquifer.org210-222-2204900 E QuincySan Antonio
Educator Certification, State Board for N Congress Ave, 5-100Austin
Educational Technology, Center for Park 3940 N Elm St, G150Dallas
Education Agencyhttp://www.tea.texas.gov512-463-97341701 N Congress AveAustin
Drought Preparedness Council N Lamar BlvdAustin
Disability Prevention for Children, Office of W 45th StreetAustin
Developmental Disabilities, Council forhttp://www.tcdd.texas.gov512-437-54326201 E Oltorf, Ste 600Austin
Dental Examiners, Board of Guadalupe St, Ste 3-800Austin
Deaf, School for the S CongressAustin
Criminal Justice, Dept. ofhttp://www.tdcj.state.tx.us512-463-9988209 W 14th St, Suite 500Austin
Criminal Appeals, Court of Court Bldg, 201 W 14th St, Rm 106Austin
Credit Union Dept. E Anderson LnAustin
Court Administration, Office of W 14th St, Ste 600Austin
County and District Retirement System S Mopac, Barton Oaks Plaza IV, Ste 500Austin
Consumer Credit Commissioner, Office ofhttp://www.occc.texas.gov512-936-76002601 N Lamar BlvdAustin
Comptroller of Public Accountshttp://comptroller.texas.gov512-463-4000111 E 17th StAustin
Chiropractic Examiners, Board ofhttp://www.tbce.state.tx.us512-305-6700333 Guadalupe St, Ste 3-825Austin
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas E 7th St, Suite 300Austin
Canadian River Municipal Water Authorityhttp://www.crmwa.com806-865-33259875 Water Authority RoadOther
Brazos River Authority Cobbs DrOther
Bond Review Board Clements Bldg, 300 W 15th St, Ste 409Austin
Blind and Visually Impaired, School for the W 45th StAustin
Bar of Texas, State Colorado StAustin
Banking, Dept. ofhttp://www.dob.texas.gov512-475-13002601 N Lamar BlvdAustin
Auditor N Congress, Ste 4.224Austin
Attorney Generalhttp://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov512-463-2100300 W 15th StAustin
Arts, Commission on the Thompson Bldg, 920 Colorado St, Ste 501Austin
Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board N. Congress Avenue, Suite 400Austin
Animal Health Commission Kramer LnAustin
Angelina and Neches River Authority East Lufkin AveOther
Anatomical Board
Alcoholic Beverage Commission Mesa DrAustin
AgriLife Research, Texas (No longer crawled)
Agriculture, Dept. ofhttp://www.texasagriculture.gov512-463-74761700 N Congress Ave, SF Austin Bldg, Room 1100AAustin
Accountancy, Board of Publichttp://www.tsbpa.state.tx.us512-305-7801333 Guadalupe St, Ste 3-900Austin