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By Ed Curtis, CEO – YTexas
April 11, 2019

Texas executives gathered at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) to learn about the rapid growth and expansion occurring at Port San Antonio and its commitment to cybersecurity and robotics.  The event brought in executives from Dallas and Austin to tour the museum and to learn about the future plans for Port San Antonio.  The Port also featured three high impact tenants:  CNF Technologies, Plus One Robotics and Recon Point.

The event program is part of YTexas’ effort to create a communication channel for regional collaboration.  “What is happening at Port San Antonio needs to be known around Texas.  The talent they need, the tenants they are seeking and the partners they require are all sitting right here in the Lone Star State,” said Ed Curtis with YTexas.  YTexas wants to help.

Among the attendees were:

  • Michael DeLaGarza – CipherLoc
  • Andreas Schultz – Ottobock
  • Dr. Karen Shumway – University of North Texas Dallas
  • Hector Aguilar – Austin Community College
  • Carla Miller – US Chamber
  • Mike Mozey – WeWork
  • Serafina DelaSantos – Joint Base SA
  • Sharon Welhouse – Ryan LLC
  • Elijah May –Robotters
  • Manny Pelaez –City of San Antonio
  • Robert Long –Greenberg Traurig
  • Danny Chavez –San Antonio Economic Development Foundation
  • Erik Nieves –Plus One Robotics
  • Roxanne Ramirez –CNF Technologies
  • Gabe Garza –Recon Point
  • Danny Gonzales –Standard Aero
  • Tyler Schroeder – Boeing
San Antonio Museum of Science & Technology – Founder, David Monroe

The event kicked off with an introduction from SAMSAT founder & Chairman, David Monroe.  Founded in 2016 and headquartered at Port San Antonio, SAMSAT is home to a major collection of technological artifacts, including items ranging from early computing machines to first-generation inventions that have revolutionized the world — such as wireless networks, camera phones and cybersecurity hardware.

David explained to the executives that SAMSAT strives to become a world-class science center by developing a STEM innovation center and an innovation incubator that will support educational programs and engage area teachers, students and their families.  He welcomed any collaboration on that effort.  Elijah May, the founder of Robotters out of Austin, is onboard.  “The plans David has for expansion is something we want to continue to learn about,” said Elijah.

Port San Antonio - CEO, Jim Perschbach

Jim Perschbach explained the history of Port San Antonio and its future impact in the region.  Port San Antonio was created to take ownership of 1,900 acres of land and repurpose the former Kelly Air Force Base with one essential goal in mind: Maintain and grow jobs for the community.

The Port has emerged as one of the most successful base redevelopment efforts in the country. Today, Port San Antonio is now home to over 80 private- and public-sector tenant customers who directly employ about 12,000 people who contribute over $5 billion annually to the regional economy.  Jim Perschbach, who took the helm as CEO last year, has established an ambitious goal to create 5,000 new jobs by 2020. 

Jim then proceeded to introduce three tenants who are making a major impact in the region:

CNF Technologies

CNF Technologies – Roxanne Ramirez presented the growth prospects for CNF Technologies and how the Port has helped in their efforts.  CNF specializes in information assurance, network defense, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, patch management, incident response and forensic analysis, among other areas of cybersecurity.

Plus One Robotics

Plus One Robotics – Eric Nieves, CEO of Plus One, gave an eye opening presentation supporting the companies mantra, Robots Work.  People Rule.  Plus One supplies robotics software solutions to manufacturers building hardware to work alongside humans. The company supports the mission of ’always-on’ logistics by mitigating the persistent shortage of manual labor and allowing personnel to flow from monotonous tasks to higher value work.

Reckon Point

Reckon Point – Gabe Garza, CEO of Reckon Point, showed how the company specializes in 3D mapping & state-of-the-art indoor positioning technology, specifically indoors, where GPS proves otherwise ineffective.

About Port San Antonio

The port has over 10 million square feet of facilities all directly accessible by aircraft, rail or truck—to build customized options for your business.

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Industries include: Manufacturing, Aerospace & Aviation, Cybersecurity and Logistics.  Office, retail and residential options are also available.  A variety of industrial spaces operate within a foreign-trade zone (FTZ #80-10).

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