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Native of: Denmark

Industry: Sporting Goods

Region: Austin

Company Profile

Originally from Denmark, Simon is an international man of accomplishment, who is a versatile global business growth catalyst with a deep-rooted passion for creative/analytical problem solving and 25+ years of experience delivering superior organizational development, cost savings and revenue maximizing solutions across 15 industries in Europe, APAC and North America.

Simon has managed teams working on diverse clients such as Toyota, Lexus, Citroën, Continental Tires, Shell, CITGO, HOLT CAT, CITI, USAA, Best Buy, Motorola Solutions, Kestra Financial, Widex, Implus, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kimberly-Clark, IICC/IKEA, Intersport, COOP, Dell, Akamai Technologies, The Long Center, to name a few.

Simon is the CEO for Triobike US, a company that’s supporting the evolution of urban transportation, producing and distributing the safest and most stylish cargo bikes in the world.

Simon lives in Austin with his wife and two children. He’s an avid tennis and table tennis player who also enjoys skiing when time allows.