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November, 17,2022

Ammunition Demilitarization Company To Move HQ To Texarkana

EnviroSafe Demil HQ Relocating to Texarkana, TX

EnviroSafe Demil, a Nevada based, ammunition demilitarization company, is relocating to the TexAmericas Center (TAC) in Texarkana, Texas. Included in this move will be a $20-$25 million investment, the creation of innovative, high technology jobs in Texarkana, and a total of $363 million in contract values to TAC and Texas.

The TexAmericas Center is a mixed use industrial park – one of the largest in the nation. With 12,000 development-ready acres of land and 3.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial space, TAC is an ideal location for growing technology companies. It is becoming a well known technology hub as it holds a collection of technology companies including Expansion Ammunition, Day & Zimmerman, Expal USA, Gumflats Custom Imaging, and Chip McCormick Custom/Shooting Star Industries(attained by Wilson Combat). In 2022, it ranked number 5 for top industrial parks according to Business Facilities, and it has been in the top 10 for the past three consecutive years.

“TexAmericas Center recognized that ESD required a specific type of property, specific safety and security protocols, as well as a certain infrastructural footprint for implementing our technologies. TAC and the State of Texas has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to maintaining a long and fruitful relationship,” said TJ Ogden, CEO and founder of EnviroSafe Demil. “While relocating a company is always a tough decision, this is the best move for our company because TAC is a perfect fit for our company mission. We look forward to our next chapter in Texas and being a big part of the community in the region.”

Hosted at TAC, the employees of EnviroSafe Demil will continue their work in the ammunition demilitarization which constitutes the disablement and deactivation of military munitions. This includes but is not limited to 20MM, artillery fuses, rocket motors and countermeasure flares. The unique work of EnviroSafe Demil is in their eco-friendly and cost effective approach to demilitarization and their innovative technologies that maximize the amount of metal and alloy materials extracted for recycling.

“EnviroSafe Demil is a perfect fit at TexAmericas Center,” commented Scott Norton, Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center. “They are innovative and strategic and represent the forward-thinking we strive for at TAC. We’re thrilled to say, ‘Welcome to Texas.’ We’re even more excited to watch this partnership grow for the people at EnviroSafe Demil and Texarkana.”

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