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SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cytocentrics, Inc. has a new name – CytoBioscience – and a new logo

The new corporate identity is effective immediately, said company CEO Dr. James Garvin.

“We are expanding our footprint in the biosciences arena,” Garvin said, “and this new name reflects that growing area of business activity.”

CytoBioscience creates and manufactures devices that represent a convergence of bioscience, nano science, microchip development, algorithms and engineering, he said. The company’s devices allow other researchers, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to better understand how human cells react to medicine.

“This name change is a natural step for us,” Garvin said. “We are more and more involved in treatment modalities, research associated with cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Our ion channel research facility is pulling us into these areas as we help researchers and doctors look into disease causes and potential treatment options.”

Garvin said the company is considering new acquisitions and other business development opportunities, and hopes to have new announcements soon.

CytoBioscience was founded in Germany and moved its headquarters and manufacturing to San Antonio in 2015.