Amber Allen

CEO & Chief Strategist


Corporate Office

1600 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78702
Tel: (512) 215-4062

Double A

Double A combines experiential strategy with award winning execution. We leverage an extensive network of partners, brands, and technologists to create unforgettable experiences that tech-savvy millennials share with their friends by the millions.

We’re your in-house experiential team. We partner with clients to craft experiential marketing strategies based on their long-term goals. Then, we execute on those strategies.

We transform your brand into memorable, measurable experiences that drive ROI.


Alienware - Mobile Broadcast Studio

2 weeks ago

Streaming can happen anywhere and everywhere, and we needed an activation that could do that as well. The Mobile Broadcast Studio was...


Warner Bros. - Batman 80th SXSW 2019

2 weeks ago

For 80 years Batman has been entertaining audiences worldwide. It was our job to find a way to celebrate this anniversary at SXSW 2019....


PUBG - E3 2018 Influencer Event

2 weeks ago

Winner, winner, here's something better than a chicken dinner. PUBG was looking to create an event to celebrate their core influencers...


Blizzard: Puppy Rumble - Overwatch

9 months ago

To help celebrate the release of the Chinese New Year content for Overwatch, Blizzard tasked us with creating an event that could draw...