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August 16, 2022

“This collaboration will further harness the power of interns and employers in Texas as we unite to make a difference.”

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The number one issue companies face when choosing where to relocate is access to available talent – immediate and future. With the continued growth of advanced technology enterprise in Texas, from autonomous vehicles to space technology, the jobs of the future are quickly coming to fruition. To continue to attract new business investment into the state, YTexas, an elite business network that provides resources for businesses moving to Texas, has partnered with the Texas Workforce Commission’s Texas Interns Unite!, and schools across the state to create programs that encourage current high school and college students to plan for their upcoming careers.

To further career development in the state, YTexas is engaging to support the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Texas Interns Unite! Program. Through the program, YTexas and TWC will work together to provide students with an opportunity to enter the business world, learn about career pathways and learn how to network in real time. The TWC will also host discussions with these students, providing them with information on how to obtain internships, which is the goal of the program. To support that objective, YTexas will provide program students with a list of all available internships within their corporate partners’ companies. As many organizations are looking to close the skills gap for the next generation of workers, both YTexas and TWC see this annual program as the best way to accelerate communications between students and future employers. “We look forward to bringing the Texas Interns Unite! and TXWORKS brand to the YTexas Summit where interns, students and employers will have an opportunity to network, share and learn best practices,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson. “This collaboration will further harness the power of interns and employers in Texas as we unite to make a difference.”

The next of these career programs is the creation of the YTexas leadership academy, a statewide program for Texas students. Over the course of several weeks, select high school and college students in Texas will hear from CEOs and tour multiple corporate campuses providing them with an opportunity to network across the state. The program is designed to teach students about networking, which YTexas asserts is at the core of any career foundation and advancement strategy. Additionally, the YTexas Leadership Academy will provide student members with an alumni network that will grow stronger with time. “This program will be the centerpiece toward building YTexas’ 10-year plan,” says YTexas CEO, Ed Curtis. “The goal of the academy is to create meaningful career pathways specifically for Texas students in leading enterprises across the state. At the same time, companies will be able to source talent early to fill future skills gaps. This effort will continue to attract businesses to the state by showing the business community that we are investing in the future workforce of the state.”

With the number of jobs in science and technology likely to continue growing in the state, YTexas wants to encourage students in their pursuits in all STEM related careers. At the YTexas Summit on September 30, 2022, YTexas will be holding its first YTexas STEM Challenge where Texas high schools from across the state will compete in areas such as high-performance racing, space technology and robotic prototypes. Central Texas school, Del Valle High will showcase their robotics and engineering programs at the event. Del Valle has been working closely with Tesla and other area manufacturers to create job opportunities for students that do not require a college degree. “Del Valle ISD is proud to be at the forefront of Workforce Development for high school students,” said Norris Sebastian, Career and Technical Education Director at Del Valle ISD. As companies move into our region, we are nimble and prepared to work closely with our partners to customize training for our students, with the expectation of providing quality work-ready graduates.”

Texas colleges and universities will also be actively engaged in this event, showcasing their workforce development efforts that align with workforce needs across numerous industries. This includes installations such as showcasing robotics teams, career mentoring programs, private sector partnerships, and more. Lastly, the YTexas Summit will feature an Esports & gaming experience, in partnership with Dallas-based Esports technology company, Esposure, featuring its education to entertainment ecosystem. YTexas wants to engage and support the next generation of STEM workers and get them excited about career opportunities.

Through each of these three programs, YTexas’ aims to complement the statewide strategy of workforce development by bringing together entities like the TWC, local universities, high schools, students and businesses into one interactive and mutually beneficial environment. Ed Curtis, YTexas CEO, stated that, “Combining an experience, with engaging content and connectivity within the industry is the way that we will get the most out of our students. It’s the way they interact.” Overall, YTexas hopes that these programs will give employers the opportunity to groom and recruit future talent for the growing Texas workforce and that students, in turn, will gain knowledge and access to career pathways and opportunities that they might not have considered before.

YTexas, the go-to resource for companies moving to Texas, will hold its annual YTexas Summit in September. The organization has also filed a patent for its business process and first-of-its-kind approach to economic development.

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