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Above: Wes Jurey, Chairman of the Texas Workforce Investment Council, speaks to YTEXAS CEO panelists. Photo credit: Karen Salomon

By Todd Short, COO – YTEXAS
January 22, 2018

AUSTIN, January 22, 2018 /YTEXAS/ – To celebrate the launch of 2018 and its partnership with Redemption Bridge, YTEXAS hosted a CEO round table forum at the headquarters of Ottobock North America in Austin on Monday, January 22nd.

Propelled by 7000 employees and over $1 billion in revenue, Ottobock’s innovative and collaborative environment provided the ideal surroundings for a laser-focused analysis of Texas workforce development.

The need for industry-specific educational programs that cater to Texas employers was tantamount to the discussions of the day.

Redemption Bridge, a non-profit workforce development intermediary, has singled out certifications as its best bet for creating the competitive advantage that job seekers will need in the Texas job market.

“Our efforts are focused on establishing talent pipeline models in partnership with community college systems in Texas.  These models will utilize certifications that are industry-recognized, 3rd party accredited, nationally portable and competency-based,” stated Wes Jurey, Executive Director of Redemption Bridge, who also serves as Chairman of the Texas Workforce Investment Council.

Jurey’s efforts in Austin are heavily augmented by the coordination of Austin Community College (ACC). ACC has 11 campuses in the region with over 42,000 credit-seeking students.  The mutually beneficial concept is to re-cast community colleges into a leadership role in workforce development with these industry certification programs.

“ACC is focused in three job sectors; health, IT and skilled trades.  We will develop customized training based on the needs of specific companies. We will deliver stackable certificate programs and industry-recognized associate degree programs,” said Dr. Richard Rhodes, President & CEO of ACC.

YTEXAS CEO panelists offered that these programs might include “soft skills” such as corporate communication and expected behavioral traits.

“Representing 10 industry sectors from across the state, all CEOs in attendance completed a strategic survey addressing short-term and long-term workforce needs.  This data will be compiled and disseminated to Redemption Bridge and Austin Community College in order to facilitate their talent pipeline models,” stated Ed Curtis, CEO of YTEXAS.

Dr. Rhodes keenly summarized the event by saying, “Our efforts will be transformative through innovation and collaboration.”

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About Redemption Bridge

Redemption Bridge is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit workforce development intermediary, focused on the development of formal, long term collaborative models that change the way organizational stakeholders do business, thereby improving service to three designated populations in Texas; veterans, and justice involved youth and adults. We expect this to prove successful in reintegrating ex-offenders, veterans, and juveniles into family, community, and society with the life skills to be successful, thereby reducing recidivism while assisting the workforce needs of employers in Texas.

About Texas Workforce Investment Council 

The Texas Workforce Investment Council (Council) is statutorily responsible for promoting the development of a well-educated, highly skilled workforce for Texas and advocating for an integrated workforce system that provides quality, relevant services that address the needs of Texas businesses and its workers.

Established under Texas Government Code, Chapter 2308, the Council assists the Governor and the Legislature with strategic planning for and evaluation of the Texas workforce system.

The Council is also charged with the administration of a statewide system of industry-defined and industry-recognized skill standards for major skilled, sub-baccalaureate occupations with strong employment and earnings opportunities.

Additional information on Texas Workforce Investment Council can be found here.

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