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Native of: Texas

Industry: Architecture

Region: Dallas/Fort Worth

Company Profile

The son of a Fort Worth general contractor, Ralph’s first introduction to construction was on Davis and Hawkins Construction Co. job sites. With the inherent insight of a parent who understood his child’s potential, his father, Hubert Hawkins, encouraged his son to consider a career in architecture. “Architecture seemed to be a natural direction for me,” Ralph reflected. “I’ve heard architecture described as standing on the beach with one foot in the water and one foot in the sand. It’s a true blend of art and science.” Beginning his career as an HKS intern in 1973, Ralph worked his way up the ranks. When he began serving as HKS president in 2001, the firm employed 350 staff, operated in 13 offices primarily located in the United States, and focused on seven key sectors. Today, the firm employs 975 staff and operates from 27 offices worldwide in 13 practice areas. “Our values are the foundation of our non-bureaucratic, learning, changing, career-oriented, business-centered practice. But, our people drive this company forward through excellence, responsive services, work ethic, honesty and integrity, leadership, mutual respect and dignity,” he added