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Native of: Texas

Industry: Software

Region: Austin

Company Profile

Tell us about your career at Khorus.
I was working with an executive and CEO coach named Daniel Mueller here in Austin, I met Daniel in September (2017) and through Daniel I met Joel Trammell (Khorus founder) in January 2018.  The rest is history.

Tell us about your career background outside of Khorus.
Immediately before Khorus I had co-founded a company called Iconixx Software where I was the Vice President of Customer Success for seven years. Prior to Iconixx, I had co-founded a few other companies in the technology space, I ran a human resources department, marketing department and and an information technology department – so I have had a diverse background.

What makes Khorus different?
Two things make Khorus different: Khorus is software for CEOs, which is very unusual and new. However, it is software for CEOs that was written by a CEO who has two nine-figure exits – so he knows what he is doing.  The second thing that makes Khorus different is that we are in an era of data analytics and artificial intelligence, however, Khorus embraces the human insight. We believe that no one knows better than the actual person doing the job if a task can be completed or not.

What issues are affecting your company that you are concerned about?
Cybersecurity is a huge concern. As we continue to grow and companies realize that customers using our tools have all of their strategic objectives in Khorus software, I think that will make us a target.

How do we preserve the business climate in Texas?
We need to maintain a balance; a balance between welcoming the growing and expanding companies and we have to take care of our resources – both environmental and human – that are already here.

Why did you join YTEXAS?
YTEXAS is a natural fit for someone with my genetic Texas hospitality to welcome other people to my state. I am also a strong believer in mentorship. I need mentoring at all points in my life and career, and I want to provide mentoring for others.  YTEXAS is the perfect place to make that happen with other CEOs.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.
I am a first generation American. Both of my grandfathers dropped out of school to support their families. Both were blue collar workers in a refinery. I had a grandmother who was a maid and a grandmother who was a cashier in a retail store. My father came to the United States at ten years old speaking no English. Here I am today as living proof of the “American Dream.”