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Native of: Texas

Industry: Marketing & Event Planning

Region: Austin

Company profile

Tell us about your career at Double A.

Double A was formed in 2013. The goal was to merge the creative and digital worlds to create experiences that reach millions and prolong the life of the experience past the physical event.


What is your career background outside of Double A?

For the last 12 years, I worked at companies such as Reebok, Disney, Warner Bros and Riot Games. I ran teams in the Marketing, Sales and Event departments. Before starting Double A, I worked with Riot games to launch the arena style esport games for League of Legends. It was during this experience that I recognized the real value of the convergence of having Digital and Physical Marketing collide.


What is your view of the business climate in Texas?

I believe the business climate is extremely strong, especially in the Technology field. We are seeing strong candidates move here due to the affordable cost of living.


Why did you decide to join YTexas?

I enjoy the intellectual meeting of the minds to compare notes on how we can collaborate to make our companies stronger and impact economic growth in Austin.


What makes Double A different?

We harmonize creativity, technology and experiences to give a megaphone to innovative brands. By focusing on the technology to amplify the message while tracking the data on the backend, we have the ability to identify what’s working and how to build better, more engaging experiences in the future.


What issues are affecting your company that you are concerned about?

We struggle sometimes to find talent locally that can work in technology, but also have a creative edge. Also, finding affordable office space close to Downtown has become a challenge.


Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I love to do things that get my heart racing – from jumping out of planes to racing cars. I even have a motorcycle license.