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News Provided by Denton Record-Chronicle
May 7, 2021

The CEO of a food production company has said he will invest almost $6 million in Denton and create 140 high-paying jobs — if he receives an economic development incentive that city officials appeared to favor during Tuesday’s Denton City Council meeting.

“Once we are in this area, in the city of Denton, we only see us staying here longer,” said Ken Davis, CEO of Ranchland Foods of Phoenix, Arizona. “The overall scope of our relocation here to north central Texas, I feel, will have a greater impact as we continue to grow.”

Ranchland’s distribution hub is in Phoenix, where it ships thousands of packages each week, according to submitted documents. It uses grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and other organic meats.

“I just want to say I appreciate your commitment to organic practices and not using hormones, and grass-fed products,” council member Deb Armintor said. “That was something that stood out to me.”

Davis said he plans to move into the former Miller of Denton building at 2421 N. Interstate 35, making it the company’s new distribution headquarters. The estimated cost of improvements and additions to the property is $5.7 million.