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News Provided by CrowdStreet
March 19, 2021

CrowdStreet is excited to share that we will be opening a second office and relocating our corporate headquarters from Portland, Oregon, to Austin, Texas. The Portland office will remain intact, with the majority of employees located there.  After adopting a hybrid work model, which allows our employees to work where it works best for them, the new Austin office will serve as another anchor for the CrowdStreet team.

“This move positions CrowdStreet for growth, puts us front and center with Marketplace investors and real estate sponsors, and provides our personnel with more flexibility about where and how they work,” said Tore Steen, CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdStreet.

Austin is also one of our top markets for both our investor base as well as real estate sponsors and their deals. We ranked Austin as our #2 market to invest in our Best Places to Invest in 2021 report. Austin stands out for several factors, including lower relative costs of living, strong job growth, a thriving tech scene, the presence of the State capital, access to a major research university, and its location in a state that doesn’t tax personal income.

“Austin has a number of benefits such as pro-growth economic policies that help job-creating businesses thrive,” Steen continued. “As we continue to make strategic investments to best position CrowdStreet for the future, we are confident that our expansion will help us meet the needs of thousands of investors while continuing to deliver value for our sponsor.  partners, employees, and the communities we serve.”

Forbes recently recognized CrowdStreet as one of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2021 based on three key factors: employee satisfaction, employee reputation, and company growth. With over 110 employees as of March 15th, CrowdStreet plans to double its team in 2021, expanding across several departments, including Capital Markets, Engineering, Finance & Operations, Investments, Legal and Compliance, Marketing, and Marketplace services.

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