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News Provided by Eater – Dallas
November 18, 2020

The chain is relocating its headquarters to Dallas, and has plans for at least three new locations

Beloved Korean fried chicken chain Bonchon is making its way back to DFW with plans to relocate its headquarters to Dallas and open multiple new restaurants across the metroplex.

The chain, which got its start in Busan, South Korea, is set to move its corporate headquarters from New York City to Dallas by the beginning of 2021, according to a press release. With that comes plans for at least three new restaurants, including an outpost that will focus exclusively on delivery and takeout orders.

For those unfamiliar with Bonchon, the chain is known for its shatteringly crispy fried chicken wings that are served in spicy or soy-garlic sauce. The wings are paired with steamed buns, seasoned fries, and of course, classic Korean banchan dishes like cole slaw and pickled radish.

Bonchon currently operates one location in The Colony, which opened in 2016, but it’s made its mark on DFW before. In 2013, the chain opened an outpost on Greenville Avenue that only lasted seven months before closing its doors. When that restaurant opened, it was immediately crushed with demand from fried-chicken-obsessed diners, and even had to close its doors temporarily to adjust to the crowds.