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News Provided by Dallas Morning News
December 9, 2021

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has relocated his North American restaurant headquarters from California to Texas. With the move, the TV host from Hell’s Kitchen hired a team of businesspeople and chefs to dramatically expand his restaurant empire across North America.

In 2022, the team in Las Colinas has plans to open 18 restaurants in cities like Boston, Miami and Chicago. In the next five years, CEO Norman Abdallah says he’ll oversee the debut of 75 company-owned restaurants.

Some of the expansion will be in Dallas-Fort Worth: Street Pizza, a restaurant from London, and Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, which originated in Las Vegas, are both a fit for North Texas someday, Abdallah says. And after new restaurant Ramsay Kitchen launches in Boston, it may come to D-FW, too.

The Dallas restaurants likely won’t open until late 2022 or 2023, however. Abdallah’s focus, for now, is up and down the East Coast and in Chicago.

“We want to be very careful not to dilute the brand, and the brand is Gordon,” Abdallah says.


“I had a lot of friends who said, ‘Has Gordon yelled at you yet?’” says CEO Norman Abdallah (above). Gordon Ramsay’s TV personality is as a brash chef who yells obscenities when dishes are made improperly. Abdallah chuckles. “No, he’s not like that.”(Rebecca Slezak/Photographer)