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By Ed Curtis, CEO – YTEXAS
April 25, 2017

3 people you need to know if you are relocating your manufacturing company to Texas

1.  Tony Bennett – No, not the Vegas icon, but the Texas icon.  Tony is the CEO of TAM (Texas Association of Manufacturers) and has been for nearly 5 years.  With over 30 years with Temple Inland prior to this role, Tony has led several statewide initiatives advancing manufacturing in Texas.  If your interest in Texas was because of our competitive electricity rates, pro-growth job creation and favorable tax policies for manufacturing companies, then you need to call Tony.  These are the top 3 of his 10 priorities for TAM in 2017.  “With smart public policy, we can create the jobs, but we must have skilled workers to fill them,” Bennett said. “Texas manufacturers need workers with skills that range from engineering to welding, risk management to robotics and we need public policy that provides a variety of educational options for our students.”

2.  Rey Chavez – Manufacturing is the #1 contributor to the local economy of San Antonio – and Rey happens to lead the organization that is front and center on this charge.  The San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) is a 100 year old organization in San Antonio, which is home to over 1600 manufacturers employing over 50,000 residents in the San Antonio area.  Over the years, SAMA has had programs that have fostered a lean manufacturing mindset, a culture of high team engagement, and a strategy for marketing its capabilities – not to mention the invaluable connection with industry peers. No matter where you are conducting manufacturing business in Texas, you should know what Rey is up to.

3.  Ed Latson –  As the executive Director of ARMA (Austin Regional Manufacturers Association), Ed has made ARMA the fastest growing network for manufacturers in the state. Most people don’t think of the region as a manufacturing strong hold, but nearly one third of the major employers in Austin are manufacturers. Manufacturing is 6.0% of total employment in Austin, but contributes 10.3% of total regional GDP—the largest share of any privately owned industry sector.  Having the workforce to support them is critical to the region’s economic success,” said Ed Latson, Executive Director for ARMA.  Make a trip to Austin, check out an ARMA event and look for Ed – he’s always available.

If you are new to Texas or looking to relocate to Texas – and want to connect with either of these executives, reach out to YTEXAS at 844-YTEXAS or email for assistance.