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By Todd Short, Founder – R2G Cloud Communications
June 14, 2020

As a technology consultant since the beginning of local area networks, one of the most often overlooked, yet absolutely crucial aspects of a glorious new corporate headquarters is low voltage network cabling infrastructure.

This includes all of the cabling, connectors and accessories at a central location for your data network and phone equipment, and use of vertical and horizontal cable runs from that location to reach individual desktops. Vertical cable runs extend your voice and data network to other floors in your building or interconnect offices in multiple buildings.

Although many office spaces have some pre-existing installations, the cabling and connectors are rarely intact, and often inadequate for a new tenant that is expanding their operation.  Low voltage cabling is typically outsourced by property management companies and is not often part of the conversation when speaking to a leasing representative who is focused on location, square footage and lease execution.

If you are about to embark on a corporate relocation, be sure to make low voltage network cabling and internet connectivity two of your top priorities when considering a particular office building or specific office space.

Find out what Internet Service Providers (ISP) are available at the physical location, and what types of connectivity and bandwidth the ISP can provide that will meet your performance needs and your budget.

Furthermore, be sure to negotiate a low voltage network cabling allowance with the lessor so that the capital cost of the project can be amortized across the term of your lease rather than cash out of pocket – because the cabling can’t go with you if and when you move from the space…