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October 25, 2018

DALLAS, Oct. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Conectys, the recognized leader in global multilingual and multicultural outsourcing services, today announces the imminent opening of a U.S.-based call center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Headquartered out of Bucharest, Romania, Conectys has seven locations across the globe already, including a U.S. operational headquarters in the Irving area of Dallas, Texas. The move to open up a new call center in the U.S. will create an estimated 300 new jobs in the area and comes on the heels of steady growth for the company, firmly solidifying Conectys in its role as a global player. A physical presence in the U.S. will give Conectys clients the benefit of true global business continuity and right shoring. It will also offer a cost effective top tier U.S. solution to all existing clients, and a go-to-market strategy for EMEA and APAC companies to expand in the U.S. As a single partner solution provider, Conectys is excited to provide clients lean, cost-effective solutions stateside. The call center is expected to be open for operations within the next 60 days.

Conectys’ Dallas sales office is led by Shanika Ofori, an experienced leader with deep expertise in outsourcing, call center operations, project management and solution architecting. This hire was made strategically and was handpicked by the company’s officers to develop operations in the U.S. Within the next few years, Conectys plans to hire at least 200 team members to staff this new U.S. call center location, making the company well on its way to reaching its goal of 2020 employees by the year 2020 (with 20 percent of those based in the U.S.). Some of Conectys’ customers in the U.S. include those in high tech, communication, banking and financial, and travel and hospitality, and the company will continue to welcome renowned, U.S.-based brands to its client roster with this move.

“As we continue to experience tremendous growth on a global scale, we’re laser-focused on retaining our customer-centric culture and accessibility,” says Conectys CEO Arnold Cobbaert. “This new location will give our customer base all of the benefits of operations in a central geographic area, access to a well-educated population with numerous languages and a business-friendly environment, all of which will further bolster our high-quality services. We are thrilled to help our EMEA and APAC clients expand to the U.S. and are equally as thrilled to provide the same global expansion opportunities to our U.S. clients. We’re perfectly positioned for our role as a global player, while continuing to prioritize our customers and remain accessible to them. Our executive team is invested in every single one of our clients, and this has helped us further our customers’ success and be the true partner our customers want us to be.”

With the addition of the Texas call center, Conectys has active operations in the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas regions. This allows the company to deliver its top-of-line global, diverse services to all of its valued clientele, no matter how geographically dispersed. Conectys’ governance model is designed to not only improve the standard but also to provide high return on investment, offer innovation and provide value-added insights to customers, leading to better customer experiences and brand loyalty. The opening of the U.S.-based call center will extend all of these award-winning, high-quality services that Conectys is known for to U.S. clients.

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