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The technology scene in Texas has attracted some of the top innovators, investors, and business owners in the world to the Lone Star State.

The words technology and venture capital are often breathed in the same sentence, but have historically been tied to cities like San Francisco and New York City. Innovation and venture capital are no longer reserved for high-tech companies in San Francisco and NYC however. Texas is fast becoming one of the nation’s top hubs of technology and innovation, which is why it is attracting top tech talent, VCs, and hungry entrepreneurs. Everyone knows Texan Venture Capitalist and businessman, Mark Cuban, but he isn’t the only investor putting his monies into the Texas community.

In fact, the world’s leading investors are taking their capital to Texas and investing in the innovative districts where both education and innovation rule. Some of Texas’s largest cities, including Dallas, Houston, and Austin, were listed on the top 20 metropolitan areas with the largest amounts of venture capital investment in startups according to data from ​Thomson Reuters in 2016​.

One city leading the charge is Austin, which has firmly planted their flag in the technology landscape through their annual ​SXSW​ event, attracting the world’s most innovative people and companies on the brink of the next big thing. Investors, innovators, and fans of technology flock to Austin every March in hopes of being found or finding a promising investment opportunity.

The Texas technology scene is not only for startups and high-tech companies, however. Successful, global enterprises are seeing the cost-effectiveness of expanding or moving their operations to Texas, and capitalizing on the state’s technology boom that has been on the rise for the last decade. With technology being a core driver in the Texas community, locals don’t have to go far to leverage the tech resources in their own backyard.

Here are just a few from the YTEXAS community to tap into:

SoftServe​ is a global software application development and consulting company, offering Texans technologies and processes in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), security and experience design through their services. In 2014, SoftServe closed up their HQs in Fort Myers and took the 20-year-old plus company and headed to Austin to capitalize on the heavy tech presence and be closer to their tech-focused clients.

CoreSpace​, a data center located in Dallas, offers Full Stack IT services to the Texas community and beyond, including local hosting, servers, cloud, colocation, and advisory services. In 2011, they expanded their California operations to Dallas, the birthplace of the information technology outsourcing industry, through the purchase of a 30,000 square foot data center. Over the last 6 years, CoreSpace has quickly become the IT provider of choice in the local marketplace, responsible for some of Texas’s top companies’ data security and hosting.

Technology is ever-evolving; shifting the market and businesses alike, and in some cases, like Texas, also shaping our communities.