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Written by Kailyn Pearson with Pearson Branding
March 14th, 2023

Can 300 Companies Change the Trajectory of the Texas Workforce Challenge?

Our answer: YES. 

Currently, our most frequently asked question from companies is “what workforce is available in Texas?” With the hundreds of company relocations over the past few years, there is no doubt that the Texas Workforce faces potential depletion and students getting left behind if they don’t have the skills needed for the jobs of the future. 

Historically, Texas has touted its workforce as one of its biggest strengths. The Texas Workforce boards across the state create outstanding initiatives for the future workforce. So how do we do our part to ensure that the Texas workforce continues to thrive in the future?  

More than ever before, all of us – industry, schools, government, and students – must become more intentional and hands-on in resolving the workforce challenge. We must try new and innovative approaches to this persistent problem. 

This year, the YTexas Summit 2023 will be focused on being the solution. It is well known that the YTexas Summit is an incredible opportunity for companies to network with one another, but this year, it is two fold as we will additionally provide opportunities for companies to network with schools, teachers and students to bridge the gap between industry and education. 

Similar to last year, 500 students will be present at the Summit. Now, we are looking for 300 companies to seize the opportunity to discuss career pathways at their company with these students. 


Because imagine the impact on students to have a CEO of a company speak value and vision into them as they are trying to determine what career path or program to take. Imagine the influx of workforce available to your company if a large sum of these students decide to pursue careers within your industry and take steps to prepare themselves for work at your company. 

The trajectory of the workforce challenge in Texas would radically shift. 

Together, at AT&T Stadium on October 6th, 2023, we intend to move the needle on the workforce challenge for all organizations across Texas.  

Employers will meet one-on-one with the Texas Workforce Commission, local workforce solutions boards, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and college/university representatives to gain first-hand knowledge of programs available to employers for skills development and internships. This is a chance to share current and future skills needed with school administrators and program directors so the students of today are ready to be the workforce of the future. YTexas, Roy Spence, the Make It Movement, Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Workforce Solution boards are coordinating this effort.

These companies will be catalytic for this effort’s success. We believe that 300 companies can change the trajectory of the Texas workforce challenge. 

Will you be one of them? 

If your company is focused on the future workforce and is looking for skilled employees, join us and participate in impacting the Texas Workforce. Admission is $2,500 per company and includes 10 corporate passes for employees, clients and invited guests. Employers can apply here

The event will include supply chain networking, lunch and entertainment. For full agenda, click here. Applications begin on March 1st and end on the earlier of June 30th or when the event is filled. The event is limited to 300 employers. For questions, please email