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Liana Dunlap

President & CEO

Corporate Office

7505 John W Carpenter Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247
Tel: (800) 976-2673


Founded in 2009, CoreSpace is the trusted Full Stack IT provider that empowers businesses through technology with dependable, scalable, and secure front-end to back-end IT solutions. CoreSpace partners with businesses across DFW and the country to design, deploy, and maintain their entire IT service strategy and infrastructure. CoreSpace delivers custom IT solutions without unnecessary hassle or expense. In 2011, CoreSpace acquired its own 30,000 square foot data center facility in Dallas, Texas and has since made considerable investments in new equipment and overall operations.

Dallas won out over several other markets for a couple reasons. First, the pool of qualified employees – the depth of technical resources here is astronomical. Second, Texas has its own power grid, which is very favorable for a data center in terms of stability and power costs. In Dallas, CoreSpace decided to own rather than lease. It’s better to control the facility and the costs.  Now CoreSpace can lock in long-term vendor contracts and pass those savings directly to it’s customers. CoreSpace knows that cost and consistency are critical.

So what is Full Stack IT?? In short, Full Stack IT is a service methodology introduced by CoreSpace that addresses a company’s IT strategy across all the layers of technology, including:

BACK-END Services: Cloud Hosting, Server Management, Network, and Security
Create a more reliable, scalable, and accessible IT infrastructure with CoreSpace. Get 24/7/365 support, access to skilled technical resources and industry-leading security and compliant (HIPAA/PCI) solutions.

FRONT-END Services: User Connectivity, Workstations, Help Desk and Phones
Empower your business to run smoothly with CoreSpace. Ensure efficient communication with customers, vendors, and internal teams using CoreSpace’s user connectivity solutions. CoreSpace helps your staff stay online and connected.

STRATEGY Services: IT Advising, Consulting and Solutions Scoping
CoreSpace is the secure hosting provider of choice within DFW. We understand IT and have been helping businesses better strategize their technology road maps since 2009. Leveraging CoreSpace’s expertise will provide you with the IT strategy that is right for your business.

By bringing all of your IT demands under CoreSpace, you have a single trusted IT partner and single technical support team, which means countless possibilities for your business. Reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving security, scalability and reliability – these are just the beginning of the benefits you receive with Full Stack IT. Give your business a competitive advantage with CoreSpace.