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Vinnie Bandla


Corporate Office


Founded in 2005, WinMax is an IT recruiting firm that specializes in connecting the best talents from the tech world to the right organization. We hold 15 years of experience in helping large and small IT companies build their technology teams. As technology recruiters, we can help you find the right IT personnel possessing the skills, expertise, and values that reflect your organizational needs and goals.

At WinMax, we treat our customers with privilege. We guarantee top-notch customer engagement each time and every time . Quality is the benchmark that drives the passion of our team at WinMax. It is evident in every engagement that we participate in. At WinMax we understand the value of time well, and how it affects engagement. With us there is less awaiting. Our rates are among the most beneficial & advantageous to our clients.

CEO Vinnie Bandla featured in the 2021 YTexas Summit