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Sam Olson

President & CEO

Corporate Office

1500 Volta Drive
Leander, TX 78641
Tel: (512) 814-3700

Voltabox of Texas

Voltabox deliberately selected Austin, Texas, the “Birth place of Lithium Phosphate Technology” as its base for developing the North American market. Various groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Li-ion technology originally took place at universities of the region, leading to the growth of firms that have developed and contributed to some outstanding infrastructure in this respect. Voltabox sees plenty of employee potential in this “Silicon Valley of the Battery”.

Voltabox of Texas, Inc., has assembled a highly experienced team of specialists to serve the United States and Canadian markets. A group of specialists, working on the basis of your specification profile, creates the corresponding customized application and provides support for system integration. The use of already-available modular elements allows flexible solutions to be created quickly and cost-effectively for the customer concerned.