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Caroline Valentine


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Corporate Office

600 Congress Avenue, 14th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
Tel: (512) 420-8267

Valentine HR

Valentine HR was formed in 2004 to offer specialized human resource consulting services that help clients solve challenges, drive business goals, meet growth targets and mitigate risks. We now serve 200+ businesses throughout Texas, the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and Canada, but our focus remains the same—we get in the trenches and help solve problems.

True HR expertise comes from understanding the human element behind the organization, and that’s what we do best. We work closely with organizations and key executives to identify what’s working—and what’s not—and to design customized solutions to meet specific needs.

Whether we’re ramping up processes for a startup, addressing specific HR projects or managing the entire HR function, our team of experts stands ready to help. Best of all, our flexible pricing structure means that you’re not paying for services and time that you don’t need or use.