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Carlos F. Aguilar

President & CEO


Corporate Office

1409 South Lamar Street
Suite 1022
Dallas, TX 75215
Tel: (844) 898-7246

Texas Central

Texas Central is the company undertaking the development, design, construction, finance, and operation of the innovative new high-speed passenger train line that will connect the fourth and fifth largest economies in the country, North Texas and Greater Houston, in less than 90 minutes, with one stop in the Brazos Valley.

This project gives Texans what they have been demanding – the freedom of another CHOICE when moving between the state’s two largest regions. By employing a market-led approach – without the use of taxpayer grants – this project will serve as the model for future infrastructure projects of its kind.

The Texas High-Speed Train is good for Texas, providing a safe, affordable and productive transportation choice that advances the State’s economy and prepares us for future growth.


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