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Ashley Connell

Founder & CEO


Corporate Office

(512) 710-4534

Prowess Project

Prowess Project helps employers boost productivity by leveraging the untapped talent of women returning to work. Our emotional intelligence-based job-matching tech provides a better candidate/role fit cutting the interview & ramp-up time in half – saving customers time, money and headaches.


You are allowed to own your power!

6 days ago

#shorts Ladies, own your power. You don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you what you should be getting paid for. You don't...


What's our why?

2 weeks ago

#shorts Did you know if a woman is out of the workforce for just 3 years she loses 37% of her compensation power FOREVER (Cue Sandlot...


Getting CLEAR on your offer

2 weeks ago

Oftentimes we think we are explaining what we do, what our value is well, but really... it stinks 🙂 Come where we are going through a...


Stand in your power, ladies.

2 weeks ago

#shorts Don't be afraid to be loud, be bold, and own your PROWESS. #OwnYourProwess #TootYourOwnHorn #RadicalGirlGang #WomenOwned...