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Jonas Berntsen



Corporate Office

11801 Domain Blvd 3rd Floor
Austin​,​ TX 78758
Tel: (512) 368-0038


At MapsPeople we’re passionate about making lives easier. That’s why we specialize in Indoor Navigation and Google Maps Platform. We make the world more accessible by guiding you anywhere anytime.

We do that by transforming the future of wayfinding in innovative solutions that makes a difference for our clients and their end-users. We believe that indoor navigation and positioning are the next big frontiers in the world of mapping and with our state of the art indoor navigation platform, MapsIndoors, we want to define the future of indoor wayfinding. Our extensive experience makes us a solid partner when you want to bring your projects to life.


Life in MapsPeople

2 months ago

We are the people behind the Maps. The people who bring spaces to life. We create room to share insights and ideas, and time to...


Why partner with MapsPeople?

8 months ago

At MapsPeople we put the partners at the center and give you the tools you need to succeed and grow your business. But don't just take...



1 year ago

Managing and navigating indoor spaces can be a headache. People get lost, things get misplaced, and security and compliance get tougher...


MapsIndoors 3D Product Demo

1 year ago

Take your indoor maps to the next level 🚀 MapsIndoors provides stunning and engaging 3D maps at scale regardless of the size of your...


MapsIndoors 3D Video

1 year ago

Get stunning 3D indoor maps at scale regardless the size of your solution. Use your map for a lifelike interaction with your indoor...