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Scott Ruch


Corporate Office

401 North Houston Street
Dallas, TX 75202
Tel: (214) 748-2000


Corgan is a leading architecture and design firm with a reputation for great service that spans over eight decades. This commitment to our clients is the foundation of everything we do. Our strengths in research, user experience, and design allow us to foresee emerging changes and provide solutions that minimize risk, create flexibility, and maximize longevity. As architects and interior designers, our eyes are on the horizon and focused on new processes, cutting-edge research, and design innovations that lead to sustainable, balanced, and enduring structures. We respond to change with agility to create places where people thrive and clients can succeed. With expertise across healthcare, aviation, commercial, data centers, education, and interiors, we foresee emerging changes and provide solutions that elevate process, the space for the user, and the impact of design on your business.


TheSquare Ep #84 · ZAPVIZ

2 months ago

Lights. Camera. Action! Tune in this week as MediaLab’s Ludo Michaud and John Higgs join the creatives of Zapir Visualizations, aka ZAP...