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David Elcock

Founder & Principal Managing Partner

Corporate Office

6500 River Place Blvd.
Suite 430
Austin, TX 78730
Tel: (800) 621-9270

Austin Brooklyn Associates

Austin Brooklyn Associates (ABA) is a workforce development training and placement corporation.

Our mission is to address two problems in the cybersecurity industry: (1) The supply and demand shortage of security practitioners and (2) The shortage of qualified diverse candidates.

ABA delivers cyber and risk compliance skills to traditional talent and non-traditional talent in underserved communities with a hiring component built into the model for successful students.

We focus on immersing practitioner trainees in the rigors of the production environment they will face as productive members of a security team. Our approach is to engage committed candidates with the business, communication, and technology skills sought by serious security thought leader CISO through a Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) cyber range platform. There is a huge reservoir of untapped talent that recruiters, head-hunters ignore.  Providing access to training and education for this selected talent pool in business, communications, and technology is a problem worth solving.  It ensures qualified practitioners’ that meet the market demand.