Andy Roddick



Corporate Office

8509 FM 969 Bldg 509
Austin, TX 78724
Tel: (512) 298-1960

Andy Roddick Foundation

We enrich the lives of children when they’re not in school.

At the Andy Roddick Foundation, we take the time children spend outside the classroom and turn it into real opportunities. Over and over again, we engage children in high quality learning and enriching experiences after school and during the summer — the months and times of day when children who feel left out and forgotten need us the most.

Our Founder

Andy Roddick was nine years old when he realized what he was born to do. These days, he’s devoted his life to recreating that moment, over and over again — but not for himself. It turns out that one of the greatest tennis players of all time was born not just to pursue his own passion, but to help others discover theirs.

“Let’s expose kids to everything, and let’s hope something sticks with them,” Roddick says. “That moment I had at nine, when I picked up a tennis racket and it clicked with me — it built my self-esteem and gave me a sense of self-worth at a young age because I could do something well. That’s the moment we’re trying to hit with kids. And we’re going to give them every chance to find it.”


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