Dallas Cowboys unveil Ford Center, sponsors abound


The football jerseys of the four Frisco high schools, including Justin Wakeland, Frisco High School, Centennial and Lone Star hang in the Ford Center’s high school locker room.

via Paul Wedding and Candace Carlisle, Dallas Business Journal

The Dallas Cowboys and the City of Frisco unveiled its newest practice center today, the Ford Center, decked out in sponsors’ logos like it was designed by NASCAR.

At the press conference hosted this morning, Jerry Jones Jr., chief sales and marketing officer and executive vice president of the Dallas Cowboys, took the podium to talk about the goals the Cowboys and Frisco hope to achieve with the training center, as well as thank their big-time sponsors: the eponymously named Ford, Panasonic, Texas Lottery, Nike, Dr. Pepper and Whataburger.

“For the Dallas Cowboys, our team sponsors, our key lifeline for the sustainability of our franchise, we set out to build a world-class facility to attract world-class partners,” Jones Jr. said. “This venue will allow these partners to activate their brand with us in ways never before seen in professional sports, let alone at the high school level.”

The arena itself looks like a slightly smaller football stadium. It has 12,000 seats circling around a football field, as well as a second football field outside the front. And in the sections of the Ford Center surrounding the field and stands are various features presented by various sponsorships.

Panasonic gave the Ford Center the largest video boards in high school sports. The two 4K video displays, interior and exterior, measure out to 1,824 square feet and 2,270 square feet, respectively. Also throughout the facility will be 4K and small pitch LED displays, as well as an interactive digital display.

Nike designed the two locker rooms that will hold the practicing Dallas Cowboys as well as the four Frisco ISD high school football teams. Riddled with various slogans and hashtags like #TexasTested on the walls of the locker rooms, the idea of them is that if you make it in football here, you can make it anywhere. Nike also provided new athletic uniforms for all Frisco ISD junior high and high schools, unveiling one of them with a smoky, hologram display in one of the new locker rooms.

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